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In the clubs

The Radar Brothers (pictured above) write the sort of melancholy, down-tempo songs that skirt the boundaries of alt-country and folk, much in the style of the Oldham brothers' many projects. Ex-Medicine guitarist Jim Putnam, on And the Surrounding Mountains (the band's third disc), presents a more textured affair: The minimalism of their earlier work is layered with keening harmonies, piano and keyboards, the result of Putnam's home studio experiments in pop orchestration. The melodies meander--a guitar line comes into prominence--then settle into a languid groove, while snippets of Putnam's introspective lyrics trigger reminiscences as hazy as forgotten dreams. There are even flashes of quiet psychedelia: "The Wake of All Past" conjures early Pink Floyd. If you need to burn off some steam, this is not the show for you. But be warned--the critically acclaimed L.A. trio can pillowtalk their way into the most jaded of hearts. Hear them this Sunday, July 14, at Go! Room 4 in Carrboro. Call 969-1400 for details. -Angie Carlson

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