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The story goes something like this: Scrappy Nova Scotia garage band gets signed to American major label shortly after forming in 1991. Swept up in the grunge wave, said band scores minor U.S. alternative hit with its wisecracking ode to slacker love, "Underwhelmed." Follow-up album wins critical raves but sales are weak and the big label is, you guessed it, underwhelmed. Band is dropped and left to fend for itself back on its Canadian home turf and almost calls it quits as a result. That was 1994. Here it is eight years later and Sloan (pictured) is riding high on the success of its latest, greatest album yet, Pretty Together. A quartet with a keen sense of musical history, Sloan wears its influences on its sleeve, copping shamelessly from Kiss, the early Who, Zombies and Buzzcocks, to name a few. Three years ago these guys blew away a packed house at the Cat's Cradle, so be sure not to miss them this Saturday, May 18, when they return. Call 967-9053 for details. --Doug Edmunds

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