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"I can't really hype my own record or begin to tell what the songs 'mean,'" demurs David Byrne (pictured) in the press materials accompanying his latest album, Look Into the Eyeball. Some things never change (or rather, "same as it ever was"). The ex-Talking Head is as enigmatic as ever, but while he can't talk about the meaning of the songs on his ninth solo project, what we can tell you is that his new music is an attempt to wed the warm, lyrical and emotional sound of strings and orchestral music to a kicky groove. These new tunes combine Afro-Cuban rhythms, American soul-funk and a healthy dose of surrealism. "I want to move people to dance and cry at the same time," says Byrne. See the 48-year-old (but seemingly ageless) Byrne at the Cat's Cradle on Wednesday, Aug. 29. Call 967-9053 for details.

DiamondDiamondDiamondIt's the final Quake Relief concert, with proceeds going to India's earthquake survivors, and the theme is "East meets West," a collaboration between Richard Robeson (acoustic guitar), Sudha Iyer (sitar) and Naji Hilal (oud), with Ed Butler adding world-beat percussion accompaniment. This exotic musical experience takes place Saturday, Aug. 25, at 8 p.m. at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Durham. Call 286-2774 for details. --Angie Carlson

DiamondDiamondDiamondFormer Raleigh resident and Vanilla Train Wreck-er Ken Bowers returns to the Triangle to premiere his New York-based combo, Spindale. A guitar-pop four-piece, their four-song CD EP features Bowers' distinctively offbeat vocals, harmonies and intricate Verlaine-ish guitar bits--sort of reminds one of the Hoboken pop contingent of the early '80s, or Love Tractor. Check them out Saturday, Aug. 25 at Kings in Raleigh. Call 831-1005 for details. --Angie Carlson

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