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Chip Taylor and David Alston used to comprise half of the best band in Boone. And before you blurt out your snappy retort--just how many great bands are there in Boone anyway?--hear this: Sticky would've been the best band in whatever town they chose to live in. But that was then--Sticky broke up in 1997--and this is now. Frontman Taylor's new one-man band, The Port Huron Statement, has issued a sprawling, excellent collection of 4-track musings that careen between self-conscious Bowie-Costello posturing and postmodern pop experimentalism a la The Flaming Lips and East River Pipe. Make no mistake, though. For all the easy reference points--and despite that now-familiar 4-track sound--Taylor's originality and his beautifully peculiar way with a pop song come through loud and clear. Alston, Sticky's deceptively simple and melodic bassist, has since relocated to Chapel Hill and found kindred spirits in singer-guitarist Rafi Goldberg (Grasshopper Highway) and drummer Cam Weeks (Starpoint Electric). The trio's new but already-polished band, The Buttons, plays vaguely twangy, vaguely stoned rock that owes a debt to The Band. The Port Huron Statement and The Buttons play The Cave this Thursday, April 12. Call 968-9308 for details.

DiamondDiamondDiamondCall it emo, post-rock, what have you: Jets to Brazil (pictured) features former Jawbreaker Blake Schwarzenbach's increasingly melodic musical musings, as evidenced on last year's Four Cornered Night disc on Jade Tree Records. Check out the band's evolution at the Cat's Cradle, Sunday, April 15. Beats sitting at home eating leftover dyed eggs. Call 967-9053 for details. --Angie Carlson

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