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In so many words



Witness the connection between spoken word poetry and hip-hop by watching some of our area's finest wordsmiths trying to best their competitors in a contest of lyrical flow versus linguistics. This lineup of both MCs and their colleagues on the literary side of the fence, who might quote James Baldwin over Afrika Bambaata, is a fine sampling of locals who write and speak in ways that explore the way words bump up against each other. Kaze makes the rounds with his soulful hip-hop vibe along with L.E.G.A.C.Y. of the Justus League, and strong female MC Mother Nature (pictured), while DJ Rez spins platters throughout the night. Poets Dasan and Mekkah will piece together on-the-fly patchworks of language that might just make you get out the thesaurus when you get home. Hosted by Pauly Snubnoze and Cockpit, this is a full night of great wordplay and heartfelt sounds. 10 p.m 821-0777 or

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