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In release parties


Jennyanykind (pictured above) will lay down their bluesy roots rock at two CD release shows this week. The band, which wowed the likes of John Cale and Jody Stephens at their recent SXSW set in Austin, have generated a righteous buzz for their latest album, the darkly beautiful I Need You. Twins Michael and Mark Holland performed, recorded and mixed the record at Big John's, their Chapel Hill home studio, resulting in the album's organic, personal feel. For these shows, drummer Mark Holland switches to guitar and keyboard; Jack Cole (bass) and Starpoint Electric's Cameron Weeks (drums) round out the lineup. Michael Holland's signature guitar tone and slide work, backed by some stick-to-yer-ribs Hammond organ, take you down the back roads and footpaths of American music. Jennyanykind evokes everyone from Dylan and the Band to Bill Monroe, but the Hollands come at it from a--dare I say--alternative sensibility. (If you've heard their early records, you know they started out as an experimental pop band.) Michael Holland's no choirboy; he's a raw, emotive vocalist who gets compared to the likes of Lou Reed and Dylan. Even at its most bleakly soul-searching, Jennyanykind is all about redemption. Recommended.--Angie Carlson

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