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In real hip hop


Sadly but true, there are many "hip-hop" fans that don't know who the Native Tongues are. Almost as sad are the house fans who think that hip hop has no connection to house music. But the saddest of sad are the people who will go out tonight to numb themselves by drinking piss, when they could be experiencing a truly amazing event, a North Carolina moment of greatness; a Native Tongues show.

The Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep (N.C.'s sweethearts) of the Native Tongues are coming to the Cat's Cradle to create history. On June 25, the Cradle will be classroom for club kids who think "I'll House You" is by a German band. More importantly for North Carolina natives, on June 25, the Cradle should be a classroom for the young and old who go out and always hear "Engine, engine number 9, on the New York transit line ... " and never hear the words "on the scene" because the DJ is playing some AV8 when he or she should be DJing. But most likely this show will be filled with straight-out heads who bought their ticket last month, which will actually make for a much more comfortable show. But for those who just don't know, do yourself a favor and go to the damn show. You'll thank me later. --K8 Erwin

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