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Pop quiz, hot shot. Who's the United States' poet laureate? Why, Robert Pinsky, of course. The fact that he holds such a lofty title doesn't mean that he turns up his nose at us plebeians. In fact, Pinsky (pictured right) is quite a man of the people--a man whose programs have made poetry more accessible to the public, encouraging folks to share their favorite works orally to give richness to the experience of poetry. On his last visit to UNC-Chapel Hill in 1997, he inspired a honors class of poetry students to found Poets in Transit, which wallpapers mass-transit buses with their works. Pinsky is making his rounds once again, stopping by UNC's Hanes Art Center Sunday, Feb. 27, at 7 p.m. to discuss his award-winning translation of Dante's Inferno. A reception will follow the discussion, where you can really rub elbows with this literary man-of-the-people. Call 962-0249.

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