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In percussion

The idea behind Stomp (pictured) is to make rhythm out of anything that can make noise: brooms, Zippo lighters, garbage can lids, hub caps, kitchen utensils, boots, sticks. All sorts of found objects make their percussive way onto the stage and into the hands of the performers during Stomp--everything, that is, except a real drum. You may have seen Stomp performers in Target and Coca-Cola commercials, or on the 1996 Academy Awards. The touring company has a revolving cast of eight people, each of whom is given a basic outline of his or her character's traits, but the show relies heavily on the spontaneous interaction of the performers, so no two shows are exactly alike. Catch Stomp through Oct. 21 at the BTI Center in Raleigh. Call 831-6971 for details.

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