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In nether parts

It's a guarantee that when people got word that Eve Ensler's continuously touring theatrical paean to the--say it with us, folks--vagina was making a stop at Raleigh's BTI Center, they scanned the ads to see which famous actress had joined the rotating cast. Aside from the regular eye popping and blushing that comes from contemplating attending a performance the goal of which is to get you shouting vagina at the top of your lungs, there's one more thing catching the attention of these star-struck theatergoers: Margot "Lois Lane" Kidder (pictured) will be joining Broadway's Glynis Bell and Another World's Rhonda Ross in the Raleigh performance of The Vagina Monologues through July 7. A woman who considers her work as an activist as important as her acting career, and who had an illegal abortion at a young age, Kidder seems an appropriate choice, albeit still somewhat surreal. How do we get those images of her heights--flying with Superman--and her lows--living in a cardboard box suffering from bipolar disorder--behind us? You'll have to check it out. Call 834-4000 for details. --Laura Hatmaker

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