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Back in the days when Southern pop was a force to be reckoned with, Dillon Fence (pictured) dominated the Southern college circuit. Sheesh, has it really been six years since the classic Dillon Fence line-up--Greg Humphreys, Chris Goode, Ken Alphin and Scott Carle--played their last show? Former Dillon Fence frontman and Hobex leader Humphreys says that he and his Winston-Salem high school buds (they added Carle once they moved to the Triangle) have been batting around the reunion idea for a few years now, and they've managed to coordinate their schedules to hit the road for a three-day tour of their old stompin' grounds: Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Winston-Salem. Because only Humphreys and Carle are still local, the guys' interactions have been limited to trading e-mails, "figuring what songs we want to do and what songs we felt we should do," Humphreys says. Expect to hear '80s classics like "Something for You" and "Frances," as well as a smattering of selections from each album. As a bonus, there's a good chance that Goode will be inspired to do his AC/DC metal encore. Former Queen Sarah Saturday frontman Johnny Irion and his wife and musical partner, Sarah Guthrie, who looks just like her famous dad circa Alice's Restaurant, open with an acoustic set of their own material. Catch the whole gang at Cat's Cradle on Dec. 22. Admission is $8. --Angie Carlson

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