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Schooner explain the compilation CD 3x4 like this: "three songs by four bands you already love." The first part of that simple-as-simple-gets description is true, even if the second isn't--yet. These are four bands to love, be it the doleful, glacial motion of Eric Roehrig's acoustic ERIE CHOIR--"I invented the people and called them my guests/ They're nothing but shadows, a lamp, chairs and desks"--or the Wilson/Nelson/Young-influenced orchestral pop of Schooner, a band that's distended its sound and strength since its great EP in 2003. THE SAMES stab with their electrified hooks, and Wilmington's SUMMER SET cast empty bottles to (sometimes thankfully) lost lovers from the banks of the Atlantic, with feet set back in the sands of mid-'60s Rickenbacker-range Pacifica. Get one of 500 copies, all hand-packaged and numbered by Summer Set's Brian Weeks, at the release party at the WETLANDS in Chapel Hill on Friday, Jan. 27. The 9 p.m. show costs $6.

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