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In multi-talented


Virginia-born singer/songwriter Erin McKeown , insists that, although she plays the guitar, banjo, drums, organ, bass and piano, she isn't necessarily good with any of them. But the results on Grand--her third solo effort to date--seem to suggest otherwise. On the Dave Chalfant-headed project, McKeown emerges as an amalgamation of her mixed-bag CD collection--writing perfect new wave pop inspired by The Bangles for "Cinematic," making big on a small lounge band with sassy, sultry show tunes like "The Taste of You" and "How to be a Lady," and grooving like a beat poet with "Cosmopolitans" before cascading into the number's Morcheeba-conjuring chorus. But McKeown seems to fit best into her own two-and-a-half minute thoughtful gems rooted in simple guitar patterns and semantically perfect verses that sound entirely original. "I was slung-lo and/so gung-ho/for anything to get me to start/I had my rock, I had my roll/but I couldn't find my spark," she sings in an endearing voice built with one part Bjork, one part Mother Maybelle and two heaping portions of vulnerability-tempered charm. Catch her solo on her first trip through the Southeast with new material. 9 p.m. $8. 969-1400.

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