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In jamming out


Take the Jazz Mandolin Project's head of live steam and replace the mandolin with a Sound Tribe Sector 9 pastiche of keyboards, synthesizers and spiraling, studied guitar intricacy. Inject the arrangements with gobs of moody funk and fistfuls of fierce drum breaks. Put it in a studio with a real rock producer like Tom Rothrock, and it becomes Launchpad, Particle's upcoming debut. Put it on a stage for four hours nearly every night for the past four years, and you get Particle unleashed--hands down, one of the most progressive, inspired and dance-worthy live rock acts you will ever see.

As if their rhythm section wasn't tight enough as is, bass master Rob Wasserman will be opening with a one-hour solo set before sitting in for a large part of the Los Angeles quartet's late-night revelry.

"A lot of bands out there on the jam circuit these days are out there for themselves as players, and they don't really have a tight ensemble sound," says Wasserman, who has recorded with Elvis Costello, Lou Reed and Bob Weir over the past two decades and is currently working on a project to set the journals of Woody Guthrie to music. "But they do, and it gives them these amazing, non-stop jams. I just feel like I can play harder with them because their energy level is so much higher."

Tickets are $15. For more info, visit or call 821-4111.

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