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"Is it ever gonna not be so hard to see you around? Am I really, really, really, really gonna have to really have to really have to leave town--again?" sings Matthew Houck, the postmodern bard and post-tragedy voice behind Phosphorescent, almost rhetorically. Yes and yes, mister. Houck writes and sings like he's had his heart broken only once: He doesn't handle it with country casualness, and he doesn't approach it with emo's move-on verve. In fact, Houck sounds like she left about five years ago and he's been trying to write, drink, smoke and sing away her ghost ever since. The result makes for one of the year's best treks into sunbaked, love-damned country, Aw Come, Aw Wry. He headlines at Duke Coffeehouse on Saturday, Oct. 1, but he's not the lone attraction: Jason Anderson is one of the country's most redemptive songwriters, his candor, wit and spirit shining above brow-beating acoustic guitar songs with a style that's the negative print of Jeff Magnum. Tiger Saw opens. Anderson and Tiger Saw play with Heather McEntire of Bellafea on Sunday, Oct. 2 at Nightlight.

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