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At the start of piece~meal, the new original play by both hands theatre company, a septet of 20- and 30-somethings haven't realized yet that they're reducing one another to mere tokens of themselves--the "pieces" of the show's title. More than one will want the piece of themselves they gave another character back before the evening's over. Too bad it's not that easy. As in Brooms (which returns next June), Tamara Kissane and Cheryl Chamblee construct a metaphorical world rich in multiphonic wordplay. If the text occasionally delves into Seussian psychobabble, by the end we're still shaking our heads at the rules of social engagement so clearly exposed--and challenged to examine our own home versions of the game. The show resumes next Thursday and Friday, Dec. 15 and 16 at Manbites Dog Theater, but there's already a run on tickets ($10-15). Call 682-3343.

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