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In house concerts

Odds are that by now you've at least heard or read about this area's house concert scene, gatherings in which folks turn over their living room to a performer and a bunch of attentive strangers for a couple of hours. You might have even caught the five-minute spot on Fox 50 News a few weeks ago. But you really need to experience one firsthand, and a concert this Friday, Aug. 17, at a new venue (that's a fancy name for a house) in Hillsborough would make a fine introduction. Wake Forest-based Thad Cockrell, possessor of a voice that's both soulful and mountain-spring pure, and his Starlite Country Band will hold court. Also playing is Caitlin Cary, Whiskeytown's harmonizing secret weapon and now a highly regarded solo artist with a full-length release on the way. The promise of several Cockrell-Cary duets, including their take on Buck Owen's "Together Again" (a highlight of Cockrell's Chris Stamey-produced debut Stack of Dreams), should be more than enough to get vintage-country fans out of their living rooms and into someone else's. Visit or e-mail for details. --Rick Cornell

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