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For almost a month Highway 1 has been repping hard in the area. Living Legends and Lyrics Born have given some tight shows. I am a little worried though. I don't want the Triangle to spazz out like an ADHD kid on caffeine. So take your Ritalin and stay focused 'cuz Dilated Peoples are coming to the Cat's Cradle on Friday, Feb. 21. DPs (the hip-hop group from L.A. that's pretty much a household name) were once on ABB Records (Little Brother's current label), so DPs are coming to help out LB for The Listening album release party.

Little Brother (pictured above) has been one of the most talked about hip-hop groups this year--they are like the 50 Cent of the underground. And this show is monumental. Don't be that guy and miss it. Local hip-hop making it-aiiight!

Also performing is the Away Team from LB's family the Justus League. The Away Team is the next group 'bout to blow from the League. Emcee Sean Boog and DJ/Hypeman Khrysis (from Third Day) kilt it at the Lincoln Feb. 6. Their set was one of the livest by far.

But what also might excite you about this upcoming show are the two latest artists to join the bill. One is Bean Town's own Insight (man of all trades) from Brick Records ( Brick is K8's favorite Boston label, but we still hate them cheatin Pats!). Repping '92 is the other artist, D.C. area's own Doujah Raze ( These artists might go for some hurt football teams, but both artists have made excellent top shelf hip hop, making this upcoming performance a show to get hyped about. See ya there! --K8 Erwin

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