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I declare, it must be spring again, because the hip-hop shows are flowing. In just a week another Bay Area power posse is here. The Living Legends crew is back, this Saturday at the Cat's Cradle. If you haven't seen the Living Legends before, just pick up a copy of any urban magazine and look for the LRG clothing ad--yeah, that's them. If you haven't heard them before just go to your local record store and cop one of their many releases solo and or as a crew. And for all you Juxies, Legend Murs has recently found a second home with Def Jux. Check out his new single "God's Work" b/w "Def Coker" which has made the merge mass appealing.

Performing along with The Living Legends is Oliver Hart and DJ Abilities (they don't call him that for nothing). Who is Oliver Hart? It's Michael Larson. Who is Michael Larson? It's Eyedea! Ya know, that emcee who won the Rocksteady MC Battle '00, HBO Blaze Battle '00 and Scribble Jam MC Battle '99. (That's "Jam" not "Fest" and it's in Cincinnati--jus' in case you were confused.) Yes the Rhyme Sayer's crew didn't forget about the Piedmont.

Opening for the show is underground L.A. rappers TwoMex and Busdriver. Also opening are LL friends and local performers Aessay and Gabriel. I have seen most of these guys and the kick ass. So take advantage of these hip-hop shows 'cuz it might be fall real soon. Show some love and have some fun.

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–K8 Erwin

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