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The Minnesota Twins are leading in their division right now, maybe because of a Hunter? Or maybe because of their successful underground hip hop? I'm pretty sure it's the hip hop, cuz the home of Scribble Fest is hitting records out pitch by pitch, like Atmosphere's 10,000-copy sale just in the first week. Minnesota natives Oddjobs (pictured above), on the other hand, aren't really rookies--their first album Conflict and Compromise, was released in '99--but are just now getting their chance to step up to the plate and pound some ish. Recently relocated to Brooklyn, the dual-DJ, triple-MC troupe is about to drop their third release, Drums, on Sept. 3 through Third Earth music.

Oddjobs DJ Deetalx, in a recent phone interview with the Indy, lets us know what to expect from the disc: "It's 17 tracks long ... kinda like a huge conglomeration of really honest, raw lyrics," he says. "The beats are extremely organic, mixed with live instrumentation and samples, basically just utilizing whatever it takes to make something work." The name Oddjobs fits their music rather well, but the group is ultimately more soulful than strange. Also on the bill are The Masterminds. With heavy influences from Living Color to Nina Simone to Nirvana, The Masterminds are one of the most different and experimental hip-hop groups out. Their sophomore album, Stone Soup, is an inventive and creative stew created by mixing up elements of all the members' varied musical tastes. They will be performing at the Cat's Cradle on this Thursday, Aug. 29, along with Oddjobs, former Company Flow member Mr. Len, Jean Grae (formerly known as What What), Pumpkinhead and special quests. Call 967-9053 for details. --K8 Erwin

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