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Smuggled out of China after the Chinese government tried to stop its completion, He Jianjun's 1995 Postman (pictured right) tells the story of Xiadou, a mail carrier who starts reading the letters he is supposed to deliver. Apparently these missives are far more interesting than the slew of credit card bills and ValuPak coupons that show up in American mailboxes, and Xiadou becomes hopelessly obsessed with the people in his district. As he lets his own life deteriorate except for the precious moments when he reads about the lives of others, Xiadou's story exposes the seductive danger of voyeurism, something that we over-entertained Westerners can easily relate to. Postman is showing as part of Duke Center for International Studies' East Asian Film Festival on Nov. 27, at 7 p.m. at the Bryan Center. Admission is free. Call 684-2687 for details.

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