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In feeling America´s pulse

Wrestling gets better television ratings than just about anything. The stars of the World Wrestling Federation make million dollar salaries. The WWF can charge as much as $300 per ticket to their upcoming Raleigh Summerslam--and get it. So why aren´t you hep to this flashy, trashy musclefest? You can be, live and in person, at Raleigh´s Entertainment and Sports Arena, Sunday, August 27, for as low as $20. Of course, those are the cheap seats--you won´t get spattered with sweat, nor will you be able to analyze how elaborately the moves are, ahem, choreographed (wink, wink), but the electricity you´ll experience by being part of the American zeitgeist will make you an instantaneous wrestling addict. Call 834-4000 for ticket information.

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