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In epics and ballads


Josh Ritter's release from last year, Hello Starling, represents the blueprint for folk-rock in the '00s as it brims with richly detailed scenes brought to melodic, raw-voiced life. Ritter, New England-based by way of Moscow, Idaho, is adept at creating sweeping epics such as the Joan Baez-covered "Wings." But he's equally comfortable in the quiet land of the heart and the mind as he demonstrates on "Kathleen," a song about the modest desire to drive a girl home from a party. Ritter has been busy of late--doing a show at Dublin Castle, opening for Baez, counting Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen comparisons (you know, the usual stuff that occupies a 26-year-old's hours)--but he's making time to play at Go! on Monday, April 19. Come on out for a glimpse of the future through the sepia-toned lenses of the past.

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