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in embattled beats


"All right, this will be one of the battles you will be talking about for years. I need everybody to move to the front. This is about to be real live right here," 21st Records co-founder Travis Keyes told an audience of 100 Thursday night at The Pour House. It was. In the fourth match of the night's second round of the Big Bad Beat Battle Tournament, former beat battle champion The Apple Juice Kid was pitted against big beat newcomer E.Jones. Jones registered low-hitting, massive attacks of throbbing bass and piercing high hats, splitting apart like crystal into a thousand skittering sub-rhythms. The Apple Juice Kid twisted djembe solos throughout throbs of way-low bass. The battle went to the wire, a one-one split decision two beats in; for the third and final beat, Jones did it right, had people dancing and jumping like it was already the bottom of some chart-topper. The Kid stunned them with a remix of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," but crowd reaction pushed the new guy through. The third and final round--with the fantastic final four of E.Jones, Invincible, Marshall Law and ShortFuse--drops Thursday, Dec. 29 at 11 p.m. at The Pour House in Raleigh.

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