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In divas

You know Sandra Bernhard (pictured left): You've seen her in films, hanging out with Madonna, ripping Madonna to shreds, singing, renting her apartment to Will & Grace, doing comedy routines--she's a Big Deal.

Quite a match for the very big deal efforts of the Crape Myrtle Festival--raising money to provide financial assistance, outreach and education to the local gay and lesbian community, as well as those affected by AIDS/HIV. Bernhard's visit celebrates the culmination of a year of fundraising by Crape Myrtle, a little thing they modestly like to call the Grand Gala. It'll be her first visit to our fair city, this Saturday, July 26, so be gentle. Sandra sizzles at 9 and there's an after-party reception at 10:30 p.m., all at Raleigh's BTI Center. Call Ticketmaster, 834-4000, for tix.

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