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In dance

Who's got the skinny on Dean Moss (pictured below)? This week's snowstorm brought fallen phone lines, artists-in-hiding, and a return to mind reading as the No. 1 choice of media. In light of this, my insights on this New York-based choreographer and performance artist are just a little "raggedy-ass" (Dance Notation Manual, p. 49). I do have some promising bread crumbs, though: In his Spooky Action at a Distance, performed in Duke's Sheafer Theater Feb. 4 and 5 at 8 p.m., Moss explores his longtime fascination with the Astaire-Rogers film Swing Time. With performances by himself, Kacie Chang, and Marcelo Coutinho, the choreography is augmented by a sound score that includes excerpts from books and lectures by Noam Chomsky and Richard Feynman. Moss will also perform his 1997 solo, Tale Telling Telling, billed as "an intimate charting of obsessive dislocations." I was stumped by this last phrase and so turned it over to one of my more high-minded pals. Even she--a woman who casually snacks on Foucault and Deleuze--was like: "Um, huh?" So I dare you to go see Dean Moss and explain it to me. If you are cogent, interesting and get to me first, I'll buy you dessert. --Whitney Vaughan

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