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It gets old--preaching to the choir--but the Seán Curran Company is something you should see. To snag the choir-in-training, I will name-drop the essentials: Curran's years as a principal with the miraculous Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Co., his 4-year stint with STOMP!, his nascent company hitting it big. To the choir itself, I'd remind them of the way Curran can fill a room with a sort of light, a downright blitzkrieg of good cheer. Having Curran in our court makes me feel sorry for other art worlds, those seemingly dark crawlspaces where pettiness and backstabbing go unchecked. Lucky for us, we've got a respectable sheriff in Curran. His powers of inclusion and ego-busting rayguns may not be What Bring the Kids, but in the long run, they're what keep the choir humming. The Seán Curran Company will perform their evening of 100% freak-free and mostly group works at NCSU's Stewart Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 29, at 8 p.m. The bill includes the more recent Symbolic Logic and Six Laments, as well as the 1997 postmodern anti-Riverdance hit, Folk Dance for the Future. For ticket info, call 515-1100. --Whitney Vaughan

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