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Does anyone remember laughter? While the Cat's Cradle usually doesn't book tribute bands, the chance to bring classic-era Led Zepp to the Triangle probably proved irresistible. Los Angeles-based tribute act, ZOSO, bills themselves as being the very incarnation of Zeppelin during their Hammer of the Gods days, down to "Page" wearing a customized version of Page's famous dragon-emblazoned, open-shirted white ensemble. "Plant" favors tight hip-huggin' bells, tiny open hippy shirts and blazers; while "Bonzo" has the gongs, the Fu Manchu mustache, and supposedly the drum chops. Only John Paul Jones looks like an average Cali hippy guy who fell into the gig--the other guys seem to be living their parts 24/7. Like their Web site says, if you missed Zepp back in their glory days, this is your chance. Catch the show Wednesday, Jan. 10; call 967-9053. --Angie Carlson

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