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In coolsville


Last we heard, fast-talking swing-age big band crooner and alleged former gangster Johnny Dellaroca (whose list of known aliases include "Big Daddy Cool" and "John Pyka"), had reached an understanding with those former, um, associates of his in the Syndicate. Or maybe he just did one of those magic stunts of his--the kind of disappearing act that manages to leave you still upstairs, not six feet under.

But since most folks who should be thinking "witness protection" don't wind up headlining a dance band down at the Roxy, we guess he worked things out. Either way, Big Daddy (pictured right) is back, with the Roxy Kittens, the Swing Cat Band, and the feverish Lane Sisters, in Swingin' at the Roxy, an evening of jazz and jive, and a two-hour ticket to 1949, when Swing was King. Catch the gang this Saturday night at the Carrboro ArtsCenter, 8 p.m. $12/$10 gets you access. 929-2787 for details.

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