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Emo Philips (pictured) has grown up. The trademark pageboy haircut is gone and his '80s-era "overgrown child hovering between catatonia and wide-eyed wonder" has been given somewhat of an adult makeover. "I talk about being a mature citizen of the world now," says Philips, during a break from a London Times photo shoot last week. "When I first cut my hair off I was nervous, but I got even bigger laughs than before," he says, adding, "Now I'm glad I had the lice." Philips, whom Tonight Show host Jay Leno once called "the best joke writer in America," is eager to state that his show is for everybody and not aimed at a specific demographic. "My act is very revolutionary and has always been for all ages," he says, adding, "a very small percentage of every age." Catch the new Emo at Charlie Goodnights in Raleigh, July 11-14. Call 828-5233 for details. --Jon Wurster

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