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Cellist Matt Haimovitz is boldly going where no man has gone before. His "listening room tour" provides him with a chance to perform Bach in what he euphemistically calls "intimate venues" around the country. Some of the more intimate rooms he's already visited have included NYC's legendary punk club CBGB and Nashville's Bluebird Café. Now in what be promises to be a night of culture shock unequalled in its history, The Cave brings Haimovitz and Bach to its hallowed depths Wednesday, March 12. "The pieces become completely different when I play in smaller spaces," Haimovitz says of the tour. "More than any other, this music takes on a unique meaning every where you take it."

Haimovitz is an internationally respected cellist and his renderings of the Bach classics are straight-up. Aside from the instrument being amplified, everything else is presented the way the old boy conceived the stuff way back when. For this outing, Haimovitz'll be presenting the Bach Suites I, II and III. But you needn't worry about pretending to be a stuffed shirt for the entire program. You can relax and let your stuffing hang loose at the conclusion of the program when the cellist gets down with an adaptation of John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" and gets all psychedelic with a rendition of his original tune "Anthem," based on Hendrix's version of "The Star Spangled Banner."

And for those unfamiliar with classical music etiquette, some allowances have been made. You're forgiven for applauding between movements, but no matter how much you approve or disapprove of the show, it's still not cool to throw beer cans or intimate personal apparel at the artist during the performance. Call 968-9308 for details. --Grant Britt

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