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The Holland twins, Michael and Mark, can keep you guessing with their main gig as Jennyanykind as well as with their various side projects. (For starters, some reviewers apparently bought into the fictitious backwoods-savant back story of Mark's spin-off alter ego Jule Brown.) They started out trafficking in psychedelia, with their early albums inspiring such descriptions as "an American version of English space pop." With the breakthrough Revelator, released on Elektra in 1996, Jennyanykind began the journey from psychedelic to organic--the Velvet Underground peeking in on the Americana underground. The last I knew, Jennyanykind had a groove-driven, kinda Bob Dylan and The Band thing going on, with a Fender Rhodes and an old piano nicknamed "Big Johns" vying for post position. I confess to not knowing what Jennyanykind is up to musically these days, but finding out is always a big part of the fun. That opportunity will arise at Raleigh's Pour House on Jan. 14.
–Rick Cornell

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