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Chapel Hill's Skylight Exchange welcomes some of the West Coast's masters of social and political satire for a Thursday concert. Playing the equally maligned banjo and accordion, the Prince Myshkins (pictured above) put on a nonstop show while directing their biting musical commentary at everything from Dr. Laura to the Ten Commandments. OutVoice called the Prince Myshkins, who have appeared on NPR's Morning Edition, "true American queer music revolutionaries." Dave Lippman, whose latest CD is I Hate the Wal-Mart, has spent a career fighting for the legalization of irony. Tickets for the 8 p.m. Thursday show are $8; $6 for students and seniors. Call 933-5550 for details. --Art Menius

DiamondDiamondDiamondIn this musically stale era populated by artless pretenders, there's one fantastic cat who stands head and shoulders above the humdrum. The proverbial Renaissance Man, Arto Lindsay does so many things so well that it's difficult to describe him exactly. I could call him a poet who writes as well in Portuguese as he does in English--or a sexy bossa nova troubadour trapped in the body of a geeky physics prof--or an uncanny six-string manipulator who forsakes the usual guitar vocabulary in favor of scritch-scratch effects that rub the ears real raw. Lindsay embodies all of these contradictions--and many more. Symptoms of his sonic schizophrenia are captured on his latest CD, Invoke (Righteous Babe), but like all eclectic-gone-crazy-mad-stoned-cold geniuses, his utterly unique music is best captured live and in the flesh. Backed by a New York-based all-star band including Rollins Band bassist Melvin Gibbs, Lindsay will spark inquiring minds and swing sweaty bodies Wednesday, Oct. 2 at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro. --Joe Vanderford

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