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Carrboro's Go! Room 4 hosts San Diego's Pinback (containing members of Three Mile Pilot), Pleasant and local heroes the Ben Davis Conspiracy (Davis' band features members of Cursive) Wednesday, Aug. 15. Pinback has a good rep-look for a full-length album in October. If you've got Davis' solo disc, The Hushed Patterns of Relief, you know what you're in for: an evening of wonderfully moody, evocative compositions that'll come back to haunt you. Highly recommended.

DiamondDiamondDiamondAustin's Rhythm of the Black Lines is a mostly instrumental trio (there's whispered vocals courtesy of guitarist Clint Newsome) that combines the tech/math rock approach of Don Cab, the guitar savvy of Kirk Kirkwood (early Meat Puppets) and a dash of Fripp. Bassist Kiki Solis delivers the sort of fluid bass lines that'd make Chris Squire proud, while ROBL's repetitive guitar patterns and intricate drum parts weave, mesh and soar. With their EP, Set a Summery Table, ROBL occasionally come off like Pell Mell gone prog rock. Touring fiends, they've been out with Knife in the Water and At the Drive-In, but you can catch them at Go! Room 4 Sunday, Aug. 19.

DiamondDiamondDiamondThen there's trash-talkin, fishnet-under wearin' ultra vixen Peaches--Miss Warm Leatherette herself--who's bringing her sass-mouth and MC-505 Groovebox to Go! this Tuesday, Aug. 21. If you've heard her disc, The Teaches of Peaches, you know Peaches' oeuvre is pulsing beatbox porn--a combination of primitive electrofunk and disco beats. See her with collaborator Taylor Savvy, who's got an EP, Jealousy, out on Kitty-Yo Records. Call 969-1400 for details about the above Go! Room 4 shows.

DiamondDiamondDiamondRemember power popsters Gumption? Gumption singer/songwriter Kurt Hagadorn is back in spades with a new power pop combo, Northside (pictured). This time around, Kurt's rocking it up (think a slightly less manic Figgs, or a less mega-produced Weezer). You'll recognize area soundman John Clark also on guitar, with musician-about-town Aaron Oliva (Lud, Gumption, Flat Duo Jets and others) on bass and Jody Maxwell (Sex Police, Gumption and more). With this kind of musical manpower, you're in for a tight, loud brash night of well-crafted, '70s- and '80s-inspired classic pop rock with hooks and catchy choruses to spare. Sharing the bill is Poprocket, a Winston-Salem-based outfit who put out a truly interesting debut CD this year, so get there in time to check 'em out this Saturday, Aug. 19 at Local 506 in Chapel Hill. Call 942-5506 for details. --Angie Carlson

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