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"And surely this was a most tempting prospect, this task of recreating one's true life, of rejuvenating one's impressions. But it required courage of many kinds, including the courage of one's emotions. For above all it meant the abrogation of one's dearest illusions, it meant giving up one's belief in the objectivity of what one had oneself elaborated. ..."

So writes Marcel Proust (pictured) in Time Regained. This fall, Judy Hogan, the founding editor of Carolina Wren Press, will try to share Proust's experience when she offers a 10-week course for writers in which students will read the first part of Remembrance of Things Past. They will then study it as a model, discuss it in depth, and review basic writing techniques like scene writing, characterization, plotting and point of view, in preparation for producing their own writing project. Hogan will continue to read Proust with a class through the fall, winter, spring and fall again--about 15 months of class sessions. "A group of eight people read it with me in 1990-91, and we were all affected a lot in our view of the world, with dramatic improvement in our writing," Hogan says. Space is still available for latecomers. For details, call 545-9932.

There will be a similar Proust class in Chatham County, directed by Marjorie Hudson. Call 542-5029 for details.

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