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As an April Fool's joke, Raleigh author Katy Munger posted on her Web site,, a satirical write-up of her then forthcoming book, Better Off Dead. On the site, she claimed that her new book would be called Better Off Deaf, because in it her well-known character Casey Jones "loses her hearing while investigating a methamphetamine plant that blows up." The phony write-up also claimed that in the story Jones investigates "a ring of deaf prostitutes maintained for the enjoyment of fillibustering senators." When readers began to write to alert them that there was a mistake on their Web site (they were listing Munger's book by its real title, Better Off Dead), the giant Net bookseller kept "correcting" their mistake and changing the title to Better Off Deaf. Invoices for the book still list it as such. Dead in reality centers around a client of Casey Jones' who has been the victim of a horrific attack. When the attacker, a Duke University professor, is let off, the woman begins to receive threatening letters and phone calls, and Jones goes undercover as a Duke student to investigate this and a series of murders that have taken place. Munger will be reading from her new book at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh Sunday, Aug. 26 at 3 p.m. The reading will kick off with music from Munger's "favorite band" (her brother's in it) Psycho Cupid, which, despite its name, plays standards from Cole Porter to Bachrach. Call 828-1588 for details.

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