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One day 10-year-old Maggie Davidson, sitting in church and listening to the sermon on a hot Sunday afternoon, sees God over the preacher's shoulder, then passes out. Whether she faints because the God she sees is a woman--or whether she's shocked by just how outdated God's fashion sense is--Maggie nevertheless has a hell of a time convincing people in her small North Carolina town that she's seen what she's seen. But when Maggie begins to demonstrate a talent for healing and grows into a woman with the ethical cred of Mother Theresa, the townspeople begin to change their minds. In Every Good & Perfect Thing, Brenda Jernigan has fashioned a first novel that Lee Smith calls "compelling--a real page-turner." Jernigan reads at Quail Ridge Books Wednesday, May 30 at 7 p.m. Call 828-1588 for details.

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