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Some say that when an artist becomes content, the art inevitably suffers. In that case, Oneida--the Brooklyn-before-Brooklyn-was-cool psychedelic trio--should be a little concerned. "This album just works, and every song should be exactly where it's at. I don't doubt the order or the choice, and that's a great feeling that's almost unheard of," says Hanoi Jane from his pad days before leaving on the tour that will bring him to Kings on Sunday, Aug. 7. Hanoi is talking about The Wedding, the band's seventh full-length and the follow-up to last year's much-hailed Secret Wars. A slow cinder of burning strings and smoldering nostalgia wrapped in a thin veil of hope, The Wedding shows that the band is still evolving artfully, content perhaps, but complacent never. Plastic Crimewave Sound--who just released a split with Oneida--open, followed by The Know and the two-guitar magic of Birds of Avalon. The show starts at 10 p.m.

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