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In bad business plans


If you enter the Internationalist Bookstore in Chapel Hill on Nov. 23 intent on picking up a copy The Ralph Nader Reader for your conservative mother or Marx's Das Kapital for your brother who works on Wall Street, expect a bit of a surprise. Nov. 23 is Buy Nothing Day, and to celebrate, the Internationalist's cash register will be covered in a shroud and the store's shelves will be stripped of all merchandise. In place of these signs of capitalism, the Internationalist will be setting up a "fair trade zone" in which people can bring in gifts and exchange them with others, or fill out "gift exemption vouchers," which absolve the receiver of the need to purchase a holiday gift. Canada, the land that gave us Celine Dion (this year, we're giving Canada a gift exemption voucher!), started Buy Nothing Day nine years ago, and since then it has spread around the globe. Come join the "consumer fast," which will include food, films and art, this Friday. Call 942-1740 for details.

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