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In agit-prop


Every generation has its progressive or radical leaders--its Saul Alinksy, you might say. For today's rabble rousers, it just might be William "Upski" Wimsatt. This 27-year-old "proud college drop-out" is no slacker; he worked for hip-hop mag Source at age 16 and has published No More Prisons, a book that's not really about prisons and has a Fiona Apple-esque 27-word subtitle. Wimsatt will bring his no-holds-barred brand of activism to UNC-Chapel Hill's Murphy Hall, room 111, on April 18 at 7 p.m., and Internationalist Books on April 20. Be there or be part of the problem. Another reason to go: the late Tupac Shakur called No More Prisons "the best book I read in prison." See why members of the hip-hop nation and bookheads like Cornel West sing Wimsatt's praises. Call the Internationalist for information at 942-1740. --Cynthia R. Greenlee

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