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I'm So Glad It Happened

When: Sat., May 29 2010

There may be a sparkling new state museum gallery in Raleigh, but if you like rough-hewn, off-the-radar art, then head over to Cedar Grove in northern Orange County for a one-night show at The Barn Gallery.

Three years ago, artist and curator Chance Murray enlisted the help of a handful of experimental artists like himself who couldn't seem to get their exhibits placed in local mainstream galleries. These "outcasts" decided to create their own gallery and showing, and once Murray got his family's permission to use their abandoned barn for the event, the artists set to work filling the space with what would be their first show, Dot Matrix. Five shows later, the Barn has become a communal space on the outskirts of urbanism where raw works are exhibited for one night three seasons of the year.

The title I'm So Glad It Happened is a reference to the Barn's first show, but also Murray's mulling over the fact that a lot of artists keep their experiments to themselves. When one does work out, says Murray, "I'm so glad it happens, and that's the way we feel about getting together and making that first show happen."

Murray won't know what's going into the Barn until after he's finished with the three-day process of installation, but he hints there will be a lot of text and textual works by himself, Alex Hatchett, Anne Gregory-Bepler, Chris Carver, Ken Rumble, Renee Montague, Tama Hochbaum, Travis Harville and Amy White (an Indy contributor).

This year's show features the first outdoor site-specific installation by Rumble. "I know that he had a truck bed of shoes delivered," says Murray, dropping a clue (if not a shoe), "but I don't know what's going to happen with those shoes."

The Barn is located at 8800 Rapples Drive in Cedar Grove.
Contact Murray for directions and other inquiries: chancemurray7@gmail.com.
Rebekah L. Cowell

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