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Illegal fishing is serious


As a fisherman, and proponent of conservation, I am saddened and irritated to see that an article was published that glossed over a problem to make a political point ("Fishing while brown," Aug. 13). The author of the article chose to make light of the actions of these men to try and make an argument for discrimination based on skin color. I have witnessed people taking large fish from a local river with a seine net. It is environmentally destructive and illegal to harvest fish in such a manner. The stringer with which they were holding their fish was not modest, and could be considered to hold a commercial quantity of fish. When I reported the incident to a local nonprofit conservation group, they said that it was a commonly reported problem and they are trying to get the problem addressed.

While I understand that many injustices occur in regards to immigration, please do not take lightly the destructive action of taking fish wholesale with a net from a fishery.

John McCray

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