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"If Jesus"



If Jesus came

back today first

thing He'd

do get a good


If Jesus came He'd

file for royalties

all those crucifixes


manger scenes

nearly nude

If He came

there'd be copyright

litigation every parable

every story

the Beatitudes alone

worth a million

If He came He'd

take that money and

buy bread bless it

break it give it


If He came He'd

sue churches

for use of His

material get whole

denominations sentenced

to community service

If He came the women

who worked with

Him no men

this time just beautiful


out on street corners

slums would heal the


If He came He'd

confess He could not

have risen without the

black and the

earth holding Him

for three days like

a mother

If He came He'd

live in a big

bus like Elvis and

go for long walks on

the water He'd

whisper to Barbara

Walters it is a

perversion to

worship only The


If He came He'd

journey to Scanlon

Lagoon to the

Rain forest to Bosnia

Chernobyl forget


If He came He'd

refuse to speak to

any Senate any

Synod or See or

College of Cardinals

composed unequally

of men and


If He came He'd

look in your eyes

through time death

love pain just an

interesting contrast

your little brother

grinning He'd

pick up that

phone call His

lawyer say this

time let's

get it


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