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Hopscotch 2015: Second chances (bands not to overlook)



Hopscotch is about discovery. And while big-ticket Hopscotch bookings like TV on the Radio need no introduction, there are always dozens of fantastic smaller acts bound to fall through the cracks. Here are five worth reconsidering.

DEEJAY EARL: In the last several years, the Chicago collective Teklife has pushed Chicago's fantastic footwork scene to national recognition. Teklife's Deejay Earl is a key player. His smooth, speedy breaks make for a hypnotic listen. If you only brave one Neptunes set at Hopscotch, make it this one. (THURSDAY, 11 P.M., NEPTUNES)

MAMIFFER: Remember Isis? After the post-metal band's demise, frontman Aaron Turner began several projects, but he also began working with partner Faith Coloccia's Mamiffer. These days, the project is a live two-piece where Turner and Coloccia create blackened, piano-heavy ambient landscapes. (THURSDAY, 11:30 P.M., KENNEDY THEATRE)

MITSKI: Mitski writes serious, well-crafted songs that bite with their humor and emotional insight. Where so many of her lo-fi peers are overly precious, Mitski's songs have gravity and a center. (FRIDAY, 11:30 P.M., TIR NA NOG)

ELISA AMBROGIO: Co-founder of deliciously weird noisemakers Magik Markers, Elisa Ambrogio writes classically great pop songs by herself, full of poignant scenes and sharp lines. She's also funny and self-deprecating. Seeing her in Fletcher's stately confines should be a treat. (SATURDAY, 11 P.M., FLETCHER OPERA THEATER)

ZS: By blending high-minded avant tendencies with a primordial energy, Zs have established themselves as one of the fiercest and weirdest bands of the last two decades. And if you've never seen Greg Fox drum, you owe this to yourself.(SATURDAY, 12 A.M., THE HIVE)

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