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Echoing a '70s singer/songwriter rock style, Eric Roehrig's bright acoustic strum, gentle tenor croon and spare, airy arrangements meld the confessional style with a touch of '80s new wave and jangle. The former Sorry About Dresden frontman fashioned some pretty bittersweet numbers, but this isn't as much the tortured croak of a Saddle Creek singer as it is a mellifluous exercise in gentle pop. "Lullaby for Jon Grives" has the woozy feel of Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes," and the haunting, synth-driven "Coats in the Closet" finds Roehrig's vocals channeling Elvis Costello's vocal style. It's nice stuff, but a bit slight, were it not for the two stand-out tracks, "When It's Done" and "Favorite Fotos." The former is a ringing, folky ode to resilience, while the latter is an almost James Taylor-ish soft rock number that boasts the best lyrics on the five-song EP. Tracing the conceit of a photo album as a kind of life ledger, Roehrig taunts, "you keep two sets of books ... and you want me to play along, pretend this lie is a life you own, you fooled yourself, you lie too well ... all your favorite pictures are posed and overexposed."

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