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For a second, imagine that Fake Swedish's debut Get Correct is a certifiable psychedelic session lost in an attic since the '70s, recorded in a garage to reel-to-reel by four fellows now sporting beer bellies, gray 'staches and nametags at 9-5s that remind them of the good ol' days of loud amps, hard hallucinogenics and cheap beer. Then picture the band itself--vocalist Joe Romeo and guitarist Eric Haugen with the rhythm section of Ashley Hayes and Dave Perry setting a charge in the background--as those young guys, working service jobs and trying to make it. Now, picture in mind, actually listen to Fake Swedish. Not much difference, eh? Get Correct is its own Nuggets box, showcasing an eclectic, wide-open approach to inborn guitar fuzz and swelling, surrounding and subsuming howls, bathed in the effrontery of Romeo's dead-on songwriting. "Pilgrims" takes a sick, twisted Meat Puppets country-death groove down swirling 13th Floor Elevators, spiraling into a demon-ridden guitar convulsion and falling gently to a south-of-the-border-tinged take on Jacques Brel's "Jacky." The title track moans like a busted pride Jack White, floating through sublime guitar howls and expert pitter-and-pause percussion, but the chug-along, thrash-about "Beef Trigger" connects the parts hook, line and sinker here. Romeo's boppy chants come backed with drinkin'-buddy choruses, call-and-response banter and one exorcising howl, setting the stage for a mammoth solo--doubled in sparring style by Haugen--by Romeo. Get Correct.

Fake Swedish plays Local 506's Anniversary Party with Leadfoot, Kung Flude, Fashion Design and Blue Green Gods on Friday, May 6.

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