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Descended from the throbbing melodious roar of British shoegazers such as My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3, with a muffled, enveloping psychedelic swirl that recalls the saccharine, vaguely country, distortion-ridden sonics of The Flaming Lips, Chapel Hill's My Dear Ella barrels down the lysergic highway with gentle, carefree grace. Whereas the aforementioned bands thrived on power, MDE feels especially fragile and as defined by their quieter moments as their full-bodied ones. "Hanging from the Sky," the best song off the six-song EP, seems to especially embody this aesthetic, similar to the change undergone by the British band Slowdive when the remaining members morphed into Mojave 3 and began exploring more spacious and serene music. MDE's warm, sonorous melodies and lilting rhythms are a treat on songs such as the low-key, Grandaddy-ish "Set Me Running," and the more explosive "Running Down," but the band does have a regrettable tendency to wander, that while forgivable live undermines the immediacy of parts of the EP. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable 35-minute album that will be appreciated by fans of the aforementioned bands.

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