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From the grit-smeared opening lick of Cody Cods' debut disc, you can't help but be sucked in by their bluesy, clear guitars and vocals that are just nasty enough to make you wince. "Texas," for example, is a rompin', stompin' homage to Austin's 6th Street shuffle, and wavers somewhere between ZZ Top, Captain Beefheart and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. But before you write CC off as just another genre miner, skip to tracks two and three and prepare to have your funk handed to you. "River's Edge" evokes the mellow stylings of Sean Lennon without the absurd budget, while track three, the irrepressibly groovy "Freak I Am," ventures into Chili Peppers territory (without ripping them off entirely).Just when you think you've got the Cods M.O. down, they bust out something like "Blueklyn," a syncopated hip-hop number featuring the stylings of rap crew Ghosts In The Darkness, who spit lyrics like "Shows you what happens/You didn't take us seriously/Out of nowhere/We just appeared mysteriously."

CC is no Johnny-come-lately; the band has been dishing out the jams since 1994, when they met at Duke University's Epworth Dorm (which gets its own shoutout in the liner notes). Representing a wide variety of East Coast hoods, Ben Hassol, Jason Fagg, Marc Sorace, Mas Sato and Kevin Poole share instrumental duties like some whacked-out commune bent on teaching the world to share a head bob and a fat spliff. You can feel the fun emanating from this crew as they ramble through their repertoire of musical devotions--rocking beats and ripping riffs--all the while keeping one eye on the ladies.

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