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Hogwashed Series Documents

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In the interest of transparency, the INDY is publishing source documents, scientific journal articles, interview and email transcripts, and full statements from Smithfields Foods and the N.C. Pork Council related to our three-part Hogwashed series. This is in addition to the newspaper and journal articles and data linked in the online versions of our stories.

See related PDF Elsie_Herring_Lawsuit.pdf See related PDF Rene_Miller_Lawsuit.pdf See related PDF Deposition_Wing.pdf See related PDF Wing_report_-_lawsuit_citation.pdf
See related PDF Wing_Declaration_and_CV.pdf
See related PDF Social_Responsibility_and_Research_Ethics_in_Community-Drive.pdf
See related PDF Merchant_expert_report.pdf See related PDF Deposition_Merchant.pdf See related PDF Perry_Miller_Depo.pdf

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