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He's a terrorist

I read your rag for the crossword puzzle, to see who is playing in the local clubs, and occasionally for a laugh at your idiotic politics. Yes, idiotic.

And though we obviously don't even remotely agree on any issue, I still think it is important to have your twisted worldview out in the public arena so that anyone can see just what a fool you and your ilk are.

Far-leftists like yourself can twist the truth in any way you like; your opinion is nothing more than that--your opinion. But this time you have really screwed the pooch with the obvious facts.

In your March 8 Up Front column, you make the assertion that the act of Taheri-azar was not an act of terrorism. You ignore the suspect's own admission of his intent--to avenge perceived wrongs against his fellow Muslim people. His intent was to kill innocent bystanders, to shed blood in retaliation for the fault he finds with the U.S. actions abroad. Fortunately, he was a moron who apparently had difficulty driving or at least aiming.

He attempted to commit an act of mass murder with the motivation of his religion guiding him. He engaged himself into a war between the West and Islam very openly. He is a terrorist regardless of your silly views.

As a journalist, you should know better. Facts are facts and nothing will change them. Interpretations may differ, but the facts remain the same. And this time, not only are your interpretations completely wrong, but now you completely disregard the facts.

Steve Crisp, Raleigh

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